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Jira Cloud Application Development

We develop custom Jira Cloud add-ons for your company. Missing integration in Atlassian Marketplace is no longer a limit.

  • We use modern technology stack, which includes Atlassian Forge and React.
  • Apps we create are visually appealing and provide great user experience.
  • Solutions we design are designed with security and performance in mind.


We advocate our clients at all software development stages, from requirements gathering, through design, development, and deployment to operationalisation.

We can help you achieve faster time to market, reduce costs, increase quality and maturity.

Our expertise includes:

  • software architecture,
  • continuous integration & continuous delivery,
  • microservices,
  • observability and monitoring,
  • containers and orchestration,
  • cloud infrastructure.


By having full-stack and DevOps capabilities we can offer an end-to-end engineering experience.

Our services include:

  • cloud infrastructure provisioning,
  • development of existing and new software,
  • CI/CD implementation.