Areas we excel at


Custom software development

We develop custom software to help you work efficiently. We use a well defined process to achieve best possible results. This is the only way to create quality software. We have all the needed expertise and capabilities here at Nodical. W work with a wide range of technologies that have been proven to be reliable and efficient. We strive to always pick a right tool for the job and our toolbox is rather big.  It includes Kotlin, Python, Scala, Java, TypeScript, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Postgres, ReactJS and many others.


Business proces automation

Automation changes how companies operate, saves money and relieves people from repeatable tasks. Unfortunately, due to numerous solutions, system complexity and ever-growing number of services requiring integration make successful implementation of automation a hard task.

Over the years we’ve acquired experience in automation implementation. We design new solutions and help improve existing ones. We advocate on technology, infrastructure and cooperate with internal development teams.


We are experienced professionals in building web applications using cloud. Our certified AWS consultants build secure, scalable and high-performance software. We advocate our clients on both cloud infrastructure and the software it powers.


Days of system administrators isolated from development teams are long gone. In modern era, effective organisations implement DevOps culture, which embraces close cooperation between developers and infrastructure experts. DevOps practices are key to uninterrupted business, continuous delivery, high quality and secure software.

Whether you’re struggling with any of these or are simply looking for improving these areas, look no further – at Nodical we’re experts looking forward to working with you.

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Technologies we work with

We work with technologies that are modern, secure and proven in the industry, both at small- and large-scale organizations.