Adaptive Custom Fields come with REST API that enables programmatic access to option and context management.

API documentation

The simplest way to explore the API is via Swagger UI, hosted by us. To use the UI, you must configure your individual endpoint and authentication.

Under Server variables fill the server field with API URL field from REST API page in the ACF app.

An authentication token can be entered after clicking on the green Authorize button just to the right of the server field.

API URL and authentication configuration


ACF REST API requires you to set up an authentication token. You can do it by navigating to REST API page in ACF app in Jira. Under Token management section, press the Create new token button and obtain a token.

API URL and authentication configuration

This token is sent as X-API-TOKEN header with all the requests. Providing no token or an invalid one results in the API returning 401 status code along with the following response: {"error":"Missing or invalid authorization token."}.

To enable security best practices, the tokens expire when the time passes the specified expiration date. Extending the lifetime of a token is not possible. Once a token expires, it can no longer be used. Tokens can be manually disabled by clicking on the Invalidate button in the token table. A disabled token can't be enabled again.