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We’ve founded Nodical after couple of years of working together on various projects. Thousands of hours spent on solving business problems made us a perfect team.

Szymon Kownacki

Szymon Kownacki


Nodical Co-Founder, Software Engineer and Cloud Advocate

Passionate about software and cloud. Loves how both work together in the spirit of DevOps.

Szymon started his career as a software developer in 2013, but it was not enough for him. He expanded his skills to cloud and learned DevOps tools and practices.

He always delivers and makes things work. Has worked remotely since 2015.


Szymon Kownacki

Cezary Łada


Nodical Co-Founder, Software Engineer, Team Lead

Having strong opinions, but always open for discussions. Focusing mostly on backend side of development, but keen on working on frontend too. Fluent in many  programming languages including Kotlin, Scala, Python, TypeScript, Java.

Great at translating vague business requirements to precise code.

Experience gained at large and small companies including Amazon and Sony. Has worked remotely since 2015.


What is Nodical

What we do

We offer consulting services in the following areas:

business process automation
software integration
cloud infrastructure
What is Nodical

About us

We’ve gathered our experience while working for companies of various sizes from electronics, digital entertainment, online retail and logistics industries.

We create a dedicated software and integrations for Jira Cloud.

Our mission is to create reliable solutions that will help our clients achieve their goals.


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Gavin McGinney

I’ve worked with Nodical members Cezary and Szymon over the last 4 years and the quality of the work has been very high. The projects have revolved around integrating different systems in order to reduce manual work. They deliver quality results in the given time and the necessary support when requested.

They can be counted on to respond in a timely manner to incidents or requests, working in coordination with other team members on a daily basis.

I would be happy to use them again on a future project.

– Gavin McGinney – Data, Productivity and Automation Team Lead


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